There is now a new field for Rapid City, SD players!

Originally, you were limited to Flags and Wheels paintball/gokarting/lasertag, but that was limited to using reballs at less than 250 fps. Also, the other choice was SplatZone, which has been undecided as to whether it would stay open due to the owner selling it, last I knew. It may still be open.

Now there is Black Hills Paintball. You have the choice of playing woodsball or airball. I have not had the chance to play airball there, but the woodsball is excellent. The owners are very good guys to work with and are there only to ensure that everyone has a good time. There is no field fee to pay, only that you must use field paint, which is a premium blend of Diablo paint. The paint cost $50/case. We weren’t charged any money to have our HPA tanks filled throughout the whole day. I am not sure if it was because there were only 8 of us and it wasn’t busy, but I am sure that the cost of air is included with the paint.

For rentals you have the choice of BT4’s or Invert Mini’s. The BT4 package is $30, $35 for the Mini. With the rental package, you get included:
-3 hours of use
-500 rounds of paint
-mask (don’t remember the brand, but they are decent and resist fogging well)
-gravity fed hopper (don’t know for sure if they offer an electronic feed hopper for the Mini package, forgot to ask)
-barrel condom
-HPA 3000psi tank (don’t remember the size though, I think it was 48ci)

All military members get $5 discount on paint and rentals. All of their equipment is brand new. The BT4’s that were rented all looked as if they just came out of the package new and never saw combat. Definately top grade for this area. I’m sure the Mini’s are fairly new as well.

They are also a dealer. I know for sure that they are a dealer for Tippmann, but I don’t know if they are a dealer for anything else. I will be sure to update when I find out.

You can find them on Facebook under “Black Hills Paintball” for updates and pictures of the field. They also have directions depicted as a link to Google Maps. I had no problem finding them with those directions. Just be careful of the potholes on the way out there, there are some nasty ones filled with rocks that can put a real good dose of pain to your tires if you aren’t careful.

Also, we have good video of some of the stuff we did there under the name of “ishootblueballs.” We had a great time. I’m the guy in the olive green Dye I3 mask with thermal lens and wearing a gray hoodie with the my tactical vest. I used my Tippmann 98 modded into an AR type rifle hybrid and my Tippmann “B5”. Those guns were also lent out to some of the other guys while I used the other so they could get a dose of what a real paintball gun can do in woodsball, lol. There was one match where I got “knifed” because I got tunnel vision while being bunkered by two other guys during a free for all match. We definately had a good time and we plan on going back for a long time to come. We are still working on putting up our videos, so be patient for that, and we also donated plenty of pics and vids to the owners for their Facebook profile, so you can expect to see plenty of stuff there, too.

It is an excellent field, but more obstacles and bunkers would be welcome. Also, I wish the drive out wasn’t as rough. It doesn’t bother me with my Dodge Ram, but a few of you guys with low riding cars (Randy with her Honda Civic *cough*) might have a time and a half avoiding potholes, lol. Also, I wish they had more parts on hand, like macroline. If they had that, I could have brought my Etek into the mix. But these are just small and minor things. Don’t get me wrong, this is a very good field to bring the family and friends for a good time. I highly recommend this field.