Youth Paintball

IMG_0100For the younger players ages 8 and up we offer 50 caliber Low impact youth paintball. What that means is the markers, tanks, and hoppers are smaller and lighter to fit the younger players. The 50 cal. paintballs we use are the best quality and are smaller and break a lot easier than you average paintball.


The 50 cal. Field is a smaller capture the flag/team death match type field. It sits all the way to the back of BHP off by its self to make sure none of the 68 cal players never mix together. This field is very easy for mom and dad to watch from and take pictures or videos.


A 50 cal. Party cost $200.00 cash or 219.00 card and can host up 6-8 players .

This includes –

6-8 marker setups, mask, hopper, tank and air for the duration of the party                 2000 rounds – to split up any way you want. If you want more paint it’s only $20 for another 500 extra or ask for paintball case (2000 rounds) specials of the month.             1-full time referee                                              Parents are encouraged to play any kind of paintball/airsoft with their kids. Plus as a bonus it’s very therapeutic for parents to play against their kids just because they make great targets. Book your party today! Your kids will love you for it!