Portable paintball/airsoft field


I wanted to let you know about our family friendly portable paintball or airsoft field we offer for special events around the Black Hills area.
We can actually come to your school campus or event you might have like family reunions or tour groups, work retreats, County fairs/4H rodeo’s, school Prom’s/graduation party really any celebration and set up our field for players ages 8 and up.

We can set up indoor or outdoor
Ages 8 and up can compete against other players but ages 7 and younger can only shoot at targets. Usually targets turn out to be the referee’s so it’s pretty funny to watch.

Packages includes everything you will need to play paintball or airsoft.
Up to 6 hours of actual play
12ft high safety netting
Air Bunkers
Paintball or airsoft guns, masks, air, biodegradable paintballs or biodegradable airsoft bb’s
1-2 referee’s for safety and to run the event
Weekly rates available
With our paintball field package’s the long you rent them the cheaper it is.

Small fields packages include –

indoor or outdoor
Airsoft only
Partial netting set – up one side of field with netting
Small air bunker set
Ages 8 and up
Airsoft Pistols
Unlimited airsoft bb’s
$700 a day – weekly pricing available

Large field packages include –

outdoor only
We can run Adult or youth paintball and Airsoft with our full-size fully auto rifles
Full size field totally enclosed 80ft x 120ft
All our bunkers
12,000 paintballs a day
Up to 6 hours of play
$2200 for 2 days – Minimum of 2 days
This field takes 6 hours to set up
Price is negotiable depending on setup
Weekly rates available

Your choice between
Adult paintball – ages 12 and up this package is definitely for the older kids

Airsoft – ages 8 and up – kids love the airsoft guns they look and feel real. Airsoft bb’s are a hard plastic bb that do not break so there is no paint inside. We have also set up indoor at schools for prom, church groups or anything building or gymnasium big enough to hold us.

Low impact youth paintball – most popular package – ages 8 and up
Kids and parents love this package

We also carry a Million dollar liability insurance certificate

All events are different sizes so not all quotes will be the same. I have to come look it over before we decide cost.
I would love to talk to you about it and give you some more information. For a free quote or if you have any questions please message or call and leave a message.
Thank you for you time
Email – blackhillspaintball@yahoo.com